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Tumblr: http://hirarisa.tumblr.com
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/hirarisa7?feature=mhee

On livejournal, I'm disfigureddream. You can check out my sales posts here:

You can also view my wardrobe and any upcoming items I might have for sale on my flickr here:

Alias: hirarisa, dollonstrings, tomomoto, Vio-chan, Cel, Hel
Favourite colour: red and black
Favourite brand (still!): Alice and the Pirates for the awesomely textured fabric.
<3: Scrabble, lolita, cello, books, photography, music, coffee and dark blue nail polish
Height: 173cm
Weight: 62kg u____________u how? I didn't eat anything more than usual and it went up? o__O

misc: wishes she were shorter and cuter, and didn't have bunions that don't let her wear cute shoes.

Still Doll cover (hear me sing)

Latest lolita acquisition:
A lovely blue striped OP by Alice and the Pirates. Fits like a glove and is soooo gorgeous!

Shassu~ dollonstrings at your service (not)
  My life revolves around fashion, music, word games, books, and science. There's going to be a right mishmash of things thanks to yours truly.
  To be more specific, I adore japanese subculture fashion. I'll be posting pictures now and then of the items I shamelessly splurge food money on. ;)
  I'm directionless and wandering a bendy bendy path, so by following this blog you'll be discovering new things along with me~
  Humour is what keeps me along in life, when I get tired of living, so random anime, variety shows are integral to this existence. n___n
  I love beauty. I like to look at pretty girls and pretty boys, pretty photographs, pretty clothes and pretty paintings.

Amaya over to the left is a much more interesting person, so you can just scroll past my nonsensical banter and look to the goodies.

<-- this is my dance partner's dog! He's so adorably lazy and cowardly~


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